Yokogawa MT220 Digital Manometer


The MT220 can measure pressure with outstanding accuracy, high resolution, minimal tempco, and excellent stability. It offers a wealth of functions for field calibration, including transmitter output measurement (DCV/DCA functions), 24 Volts DC output, percentage error readout, measurement data memory, and Ni-Cd battery operation. The D/A conversion output makes it simple to output data to a recorder or other equipment. And of course, data output through a GP-IB or RS-232 interface is also possible-including data output during operation on a 12 Volt DC power supply or Ni-Cd batteries.


  • High accuracy: ±0.01%, with a maximum allowable input of 500kPa (130kPa range model).
  • Measurement with DC Volts and DC Amps.
  • 24 Volt DC output.
  • Percentage reading.
  • Error reading.
  • Measurement data memory.
  • D/A conversion output, comparator output, and external trigger input (Optional).
  • GP-IB or RS-232 interfaces.
  • 12 Volt DC power supply.
  • Battery operation (optional).
  • Std. Accessories: Connector for DC power supply, two rubber pads for rear foot, labels for indicating measurement object, one test lead, power cord and user’s manual.
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