Electro-PJP Test and Measurement Accessories

Electro-PJP is a test and measurement accessory manufacturer. Established in 1979, they design, manufacture and assemble their product in Dole, France.

Electro-PJP development is possible today thanks to three values that they guarantee to their current and future partners:

This year Electro-PJP complied with CSA Certification Standards. Their products are mainly used in electronic or electrical environments that can reach 1000 Volts CAT III level. Given this information, Electro-PJP has been modifying its processes in order to offer reliable accessories and above all safety for the user.

Today Electro-PJP ships 80% of orders within two days of their reception. This fast lead-time demonstrates their efficiency and, more importantly, allows their partners to be more efficient when their customers are running low on components. It also helps their distributors minimize the costs represented by the stock of test and measurement accessories.

30% of Electro-PJP’s production consists of customized products ordered in small quantities. Customization allows industrial partners to save time and focus on other aspects of the final product. It also gives the Electro-PJP distributor the possibility to offer a real service to their customers. Finally, customization grants the End-user the opportunity to use tools specifically tailored to his job, thus improving performance.

electro-pjp_catalogue-1  Summary of Electro-PJP Products (pages 1-6)

General Information and Product Index

electro-pjp_catalogue-1   Electro-PJP Catalogue (pages 7-21)

Gold Plated Products, Modular Oscilloscope Leads, SMD Leads and Accessories, Kelvin Clips and Tweezers, BNC Leads and Accessories.

electro-pjp_catalogue-1   Electro-PJP Catalogue (pages 22-57)

4mm (Banana) Patch Leads, 4mm Accessories, Test Leads, Test Probes, Fused Test Leads, 4mm Sockets, 4mm Magnetic Adapters

electro-pjp_catalogue-1  Electro-PJP Catalogue (pages 58-75)
& Leads, High Voltage Connectors, Test Lead Kits, BNC Adapters, 2mm Socket, Leads & Accessories
electro-pjp_catalogue-1   Electro-PJP Catalogue (pages 76-88)

Prototyping Circuit Boards, PCB Terminal & Connectors, LED Sockets & Indicators

electro-pjp_catalogue-1   Electro-PJP Catalogue (pages 89-92)

Electrical Installation Testing, including Cable Reels, Ground Rods, Telescopic Probes and Accessories

electro-pjp_catalogue-1   Electro-PJP Catalogue (pages 93-98)

Technical and General Information about Electro-PJP Products

electro-pjp_catalogue-1  Electro-PJP Catalogue (pages 99-104)

Product Part Number Index

Electro-PJP Accessory Catalogue

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