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Fluke Ti480U Ti401U Ti300U Infrared Thermal Cameras

  • It is equipped with a new sensor and optical system, the imaging effect breaks the parameter limit, the image sharpness is further improved, the target is clearer, and the problem region is presented more clearly
  • UltraFocus focusing technology: effective focusing with image algorithm, it can automatically focus in 1 s according to the temperature difference in complex scenes; laser autofocus, free choice of test targets; continuous auto focus function makes inspection work easier
  • Up to 30Hz frame rate, the full range of “camera motion” for smooth and free observation, video recording without frame drop or lag
  • Temperature measurement range up to 1200 °C to verify higher process requirements and explore more R&D fields
  • Support up to 10x digital zoom, free screen zooming, check long-distance targets: high-voltage equipment, overhead pipelines, large mechanical equipment
  • SmartView IR software for PC to process thermal video, analyze data, export reports, and complete the final step of the job
  • Classic industrial design: inheriting the appearance design and material of the Vision Series, it is still comfortable to hold with one hand and easy to operate, and it is not easy to fatigue for long time use

 Fluke Ti480U Ti401U Ti300U Infrared Thermal Cameras Datasheet

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Product overview: Fluke Ti480U Ti401U Ti300U Infrared Thermal Cameras

The Fluke Vison Series is one of the well-received thermal ameras, from Ti200, Ti300, Ti400 to Ti480Pro Series, we listen to the voice of users all the way to iterate better product performance.

With the support of the new sensor, the Vison Series now gets into a “brand new stage” and makes a substantial progress in image quality, focus speed and test functions. While retaining the classic industrial design, it improves user experience and help users with practical work.

We believe that every day engineers are making things better around them, and Fluke is also striving for this common goal together with its users.

Models: Fluke Ti480U Ti401U Ti300U Infrared Thermal Cameras

Fluke Ti480U
Fluke Ti401U
Fluke Ti300U

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