YOKOGAWA TY720 Digital Multimeter, CAT IV


The Yokogawa TY730 is a 4.5-digit (50,000-count dual display, 51-segment bar graph display), RMS type Measurement with the Functions:

Voltage, Current, Resistance, Continuity Check, Diode Test, Frequency, Capacitance, Temperature, Low Power Resistance, Large Internal Memory (10,000 data), USB Communication function, Closed Case Calibration (User calibration function).

Category IV 600V, Category III 1000V

Three Year Warranty

TY720 simply performing special operations via front panel allows for quick and reliable adjustment. In addition, the series allows for one-touch adjustment of AC voltage- and AC current-to-frequency characteristics. The user calibration function leads to improved operation efficiency and cost reduction.

Shutters prevent erroneous insertion of test leads into current measurement terminals (terminal shutters).Conforms to overvoltage category 1000 V AC/DC, CAT and 600 V AC/DC, CAT IV. If the function is switched to other than current measurement while a test lead remains inserted in a current measurement terminal, the fuse built into the DMM can not protect the circuits. The terminal shutters prevent such accidental errors.

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