FLUKE 709H Precision mA Loop Calibrator with HART Communications

The Fluke 709H mA loop calibrators is designed to save time and produce high-quality results. It is built around a user friendly interface with a Quick-Set rotary encoder knob. This reduces the time it takes to measure, or source, current and power up a loop.

It has a protective holster that easily fits into your hand and the large backlit display that is easy to read, even in dark, cramped worked areas.


  • mA precision loop calibrator that communicates with and tests HART smart instruments
  • Features best-in-class accuracy at 0.01% reading
  • Includes HART communication
  • Provides intuitive user interface with Quick-Set knob for fast setup
  • Includes built in selectable 250 Ω resistor for HART communication
  • Features 24 V DC loop power with mA measure mode (-25% to 125%)

    Fluke 709H Datasheet

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