Extech 475055 High Capacity Force Gauge

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The Extech 475055 High Capacity Force Gauge measures pressure or density with a push/pull force up to 100kg, 220lbs and 980 Newtons, the Extech 475055 High Capacity Force Gauge with PC Interface is the ideal instrument for measuring force in any location.

Offering high accuracy and resolution to make sure that measurements are always right, the Extech 475055’s results are displayed on a reversible backlit LCD screen making it perfect for use in any environments.

Extech 475055 High Capacity Force Gauge allows an adjustable response time and comes packaged with adaptors for tension & compression, 6 AA batteries and a carrying case.

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pdf-6    Extech 475055 Datasheet

pdf-6    Extech 475055 User Manual


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