Extech BR50 Video Borescope/Camera Tester

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The Extech BR50 is a Video borescope and camera tester with a 17mm camera diameter and 2.4 in. Color TFT LCD Monitor. Can also test installed surveillance cameras for correct target alignment.

Applications include:

  • Home inspection: Inspect in walls for mold, insect infestation, electrical wire or water pipe location;
  • HVAC: Inspect inside ducts, behind motors and compressors;
  • Automotive: View inside or around engines and transmissions;
  • Government: Safety and security inspections; Industrial: Inspect weld integrity, process equipment, gears, molding machines;
  • Aerospace: Aircraft inspections for contamination, debris, cracks or other damage.

Comes complete with rechargeable Lithium battery, and Universal AC adapter and charger with USB cable.

Leda Authorised

pdf-6    Extech BR50 Datasheet

pdf-6    Extech BR50 User Manual

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