MEATEST M140 Multifunction Calibrator


The M140 represents a new concept of multifunctional calibrators, which generate not only the standard electric parameters but also parameters for temperature and energy applications. Apart from this, the calibrator generates non-harmonic signals for the testing of equipment with non-zero distortion input signals. The signals can be generated with variable frequency, amplitude and pulse-width ratio.The simulation of DIN thermocouples and RTD sensors is provided.

The M140 is a high accuracy and high stability instrument with easy operation, which can be used for the calibration of multimeters, analog instruments, panel meters, clamp ampermeters, hand-held calibrators, watt-meters, electrometers, oscilloscopes, thermometers, dataloggers, X-Y recorders etc. A built-in multimeter function can be utilized for simultaneous testing/calibration of transmitters, regulators and other controllers without the need of using supporting equipment.

pdf-6 m140-user-manual

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