Extech 412400 Multifunction Process Calibrator

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This multifunctional calibrator can be used to measure and source current, voltage and type J, K and T type thermocouples.

Part of Extech’s Oyster series, the 412400 features unique, flip-lid design for easy storage of the meter. The LCD screen of the device is integrated into the lid, whereas functions are easily operable by using the touchpad underneath.

  • Source 0 to 24mA with 0.01mA resolution
  • Measure 0 to 50mA (0.1mA resolution)
  • Select Type K, J, or T thermocouple for precision calibrations in °F/°C or mV
  • Output 0 to 1999mV or 0 to 10.00V
  • Measure 0 to 19.99V
  • Single/continuous step function for Voltage and Current
  • Self-contained 24V loop power supply drives current loads up to 1000Ohm
  • 5 stored calibration values of each type for fast calibrations
  • Complete with six AA batteries and calibration cable with spade lug terminals

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pdf-6    Extech 412400 Datasheet

pdf-6    Extech 412400 User Manual

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