REED LM-81AM Compact Wind Anemometer

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REED Compact Wind Anemometer: instrument description

Sometimes called wind speed or air velocity meter, the Reed LM-81AM is a lightweight and compact vane anemometer especially designed for one hand operation. Based on his data logging function,  LM-81AM was designed to store data measurements for a later review.

Reed LM-81AM is a digital and compact wind anemometer that provides precise wind speed readings. Data record function is available for this instrument as well as record (Max/Min) values.


  • Measuring Units: m/s, kph, mph, fpm and knots
  • Data hold, Record (Max/Min)
  • Integral vane design for one hand operation
  • Push button operation
  • Pocket-sized


Ideal for the following applications: HVAC and Refrigeration Servicing, Measure of Open Flow, Detecting Blockage in Filters, Condensers and Chillers.

PDF   REED LM-81AM Instruction manual

Authorised Australian Distributor

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1 Year Warranty


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