Keysight DAQ970A / DAQ973A Data Acquisition System

Sample More Signals, Faster and Dynamically

The DAQ970A / DAQ973A data acquisition systems have high quality switching and an advanced 6 ½ digit DMM built-in that allows you to measure accurately.


  • The autocalibration compensates for drifts in the internal DMM or on the DAQM907A multifunction module or on the DAQM909A digitizer module caused by time and temperature change.
  • Built-in internal module calibration reduces thermal voltage offset errors.
  • Ability to measure very low current ranges (1 µA DC and 100 µA AC) and higher resistance range (1000 MΩ).

    DAQ970A-DAQ973A Fact Sheet

  DAQ970A-DAQ973A Datasheet

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