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Fluke Networks FI2-7300 FiberInspector Pro Includes Versiv Mainframe

Fluke Networks FI2-7300 FiberInspector™ Pro,
Includes Versiv Mainframe


    • MPO and single strand fiber inspection camera with instant Live View
    • Includes FI-3000 FiberInspector Ultra camera, Versiv main/remote, and accessories
    • Autofocus/Auto centering multi-camera design and automated pass/fail
    • Total MPO visibility from full trunk to individual end face
    • For single strand fiber and 1 or 2 rows of 8/12/16 UPC or APC connectors


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Fluke Networks FI2-7300 FiberInspector™ Pro, Includes Versiv Mainframe

The FI2-7300 FiberInspector™ Pro makes inspecting MPO and single fiber optic cables easy and efficient. Integrates with Versiv / LinkWare or with mobile phones for testing and sharing using the Fi-In app.

The multiple camera Live View provides an instant, real-time image with simple touchscreen gestures to view the full connector down to individual end faces.

Automated pass/fail results are available in seconds. Compact, ergonomic design with autofocus makes it comfortable and fast. Versiv2 mainframe included.


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