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Fluke Networks CableIQ™ Qualification Tester

The Fluke Networks CableIQ™ Qualification Tester is a Copper Qualification Tester that troubleshoots and qualifies Ethernet network cabling speed (10/100/1000/VoIP)


    • Works on live networks to provide Ethernet switch detection and device configuration
    • Measure network capacity (10 Meg, 100 Meg, 1 Gig) to determine support for VoIP, data and video
    • Advanced troubleshooting diagnostics; insertion loss, cross talk, noise issues
    • Core troubleshooting features; length, distance to fault, graphical wire mapping, opens, shorts, power over Ethernet (POE) detection
    • Tests all copper cabling media: twisted-pair, coax, and audio
    • Locate and trace cables with digital toning technology. Requires IntelliTone 200 Digital Probe (included with CIQ-KIT)
    • Qualifies and troubleshoots Industrial Ethernet cabling


    Cable IQ Datasheet

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Fluke Networks CableIQ™ Qualification Tester

The Fluke CableIQ™ Qualification Tester is the first of its kind designed for residential applications. It quickly qualifies residential cabling systems to support voice, CATV, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and VoIP.

It replaces multiple tools for testing and troubleshooting all voice, data, and coax wiring. Built-in TDR graphically shows distance to faults (e.g., pin 1 break at 37 feet) and can be used to map and ID tag a bridged telco system. Its professional documentation capabilities help to eliminate callbacks and workmanship disputes.

Lightweight, rugged, reliable unit requires no training to get started.

The Fluke CableIQ finds common cable faults and data rate. Cables often fail in harsh industrial environments where cables are exposed to vibration, extreme flexing, moisture, expansion and contraction from temperature change.

Failures result in costly production downtime so it’s important to quickly identify where the cable is broken so it can be replaced or repaired.

The CableIQ checks continuity on all wires displays results graphically so you can see opens, shorts, and cross wires and reports the distance to an open connection within the cable. It also checks if the cable can support data rates.

The CableIQ™ Qualification Tester Features:

    • Qualifies residential cabling systems to support CATV, 10/100/1000 Ethernet,voice and VoIP.
    • Tests and troubleshoots all coax, data, and voice wiring.
    • Graphically maps wiring configuration and shows distance to faults with built-in TDR.
    • Locates and traces cables with IntelliTone™ digital signaling technology.
    • Reduces installation costs by eliminating callbacks and disputes.
    • Includes software for managing and printing professional test reports.
    • Documents that cabling systems were installed properly and will perform reliably.


The CableIQ™Includes:

    • CableIQ with remote adapter
    • CableIQ Reporter software CD
    • (2) RJ45-RJ45 patch cord
    • USB cable
    • Coax ‘F’ push-on adapter
    • Owner’s CD and quick start guide
    • (4) AA batteries
    • Soft carry case


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