Reed C-383 Combustible Gas Detector

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The REED C-383 Handheld Gas Detector is used to detect petrol, propane, natural gas and fuel oil leaks in industrial or commercial applications. This compact size C-383 combustible gas leak detector that comes with useful features such as both audible and visual indicators (Sound buzzer and tricolor LED bar indicator) or ambient concentration reset function.

REED C-383 Features

  • Heated semiconductor gas sensor
  • High-Low sensitivity selector
  • Detects leaks as small as 5ppm of petrol
  • Ambient concentration reset function
  • Audible and visual leak indications
  • Flexible stainless steel probe
  • Low battery indication
  • Auto Power OFF

PDF Reed C-383 Instruction Manual

Authorised Australian Distributor

1 Year Warranty

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