FLIR VT8 Open Jaw Voltage, Continuity and Current Testers

The New FLIR VT8-Series (VT8-600 & VT8-1000) are high-quality voltage, continuity, open-jaw current testers.

♦ They feature an optimized, open-jaw design that can fit into tight spaces and reliably measure large-diameter cables.
♦ Measure AC/DC voltage and current, continuity, resistance, and capacitance
♦ DCA zero, relative mode (AC/DC voltage, AC current, & capacitance), data hold
♦ Work efficiently in dimly lit areas using the bright LED worklight and backlit display
♦ Detect live AC voltages with the built-in non-contact voltage (NCV) detector
♦ Improve accuracy of readings with True RMS measurements
♦ Uses Standard Shielded Banana Test Leads

  • The VT8-600 carries a CAT III-600 V/CAT IV-300 V safety rating and a 100 A/600 V measuring range.
  • The VT8-1000 carries a CAT III-1000 V/CAT IV-600 V safety rating and a 200 A/1000 V measuring range.

    FLIR VT8 Datasheet

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