Wavecom TnT+M Portable Appliance Tester with RCD Testing & Memory


    The Wavecom TnT+M is the ideal solution for large volume Portable Appliance Testing, having all the functionality of the most advanced Portable Appliance Testers with the benefit of an inbuilt memory to store up to 40,000 tests. The TnT+M can conduct testing of appliances & Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) with speed & portability storing all data that can be up-loaded to the software when convenient. The user can define saved tests by site, location, description, make, model, serial number, asset number, test frequency, type, comments and number of tests. Information can be easily and quickly input into the memory by the included mini keyboard, which is supplied as standard with the TnT+M.

    PDF    TNT G-4 Brochure

    PDF    TnT+M User Manual

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