GW Instek GOS-6100 Series Analogue Oscilloscope


    The GOS-6100 Series offers three oscilloscope models all with 100MHz bandwidth, dual channel, dual-sweep, and portable for general purpose use. A microprocessor-based operating system controls most of the functions of the instrument, including cursor readout and digitized panel settings.

    On-screen alphanumeric readout and cursor function for voltage, time, frequency and phase measurement provide extraordinary operational convenience. The advanced Time Base Auto-range function conveniently acquires waveforms at the push of a button (GOS-6103/6103C). ten different user defined instrument settings (GOS-6103/6103C) can be saved and recalled without restriction.

    The vertical deflection system has two input channels. Each channel has 11 basic deflection factors from 2mV/div to 5V/div. The horizontal deflection system provides single, dual or delayed sweeps from 0.5s to 50ns per division (delayed sweep, 50ms to 50ns per division). The trigger system provides stable triggering over the full bandwidth of the vertical deflection system.

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