FLUKE ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

Leaks in compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems hurt both production uptime and the operations bottom line. And now there’s also an easy way to detect, locate and analyze partial discharge in one tool.

Tired of spending too much time detecting partial discharge?

Introducing the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager, engineered to locate partial discharge, corona discharge as well as gas and vacuum leaks. The ii910 acoustic imaging camera’s groundbreaking technology is a cost efficient, safe, effective, and comfortable tool for teams who inspect and maintain power distribution and industrial high voltage equipment.

FLUKE ii910 Features

  • Quick and easy partial discharge detection and PD testing
  • Reduce outages and increase uptime
  • Cut costs and save energy everyday by finding and fixing PD
  • PDQ Mode to capture and analyze partial discharge

    Fluke ii910 Datasheet

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