It’s a digital world – and analogue devices (including oscilloscopes) have all but disappeared from the industrial market. Progress has connected technicians to precise measurements and expedited readings. There seems no need for traditional scopes.

Leda Electronics, however, recognises the value of analogue oscilloscopes in Australia. This is why we offer our clients a dynamic range of products, ensuring that their signal display needs are effectively met. We understand the values offered by both technology styles, and we’ll help technicians choose the right option for their specific needs.

LEDA Electronics: About Us

Since 1986, Leda Electronics has provided digital and analogue oscilloscopes in Australia. Our vast wholesale inventory is matched only by our commitment to service, and we strive to provide our clients with the testing equipment they need. Our team delivers bespoke solutions for every technician, electrician, and diagnostician – allowing them to adhere to industry standards and generate precise results.

To further enhance the testing experience, we offer a variety of oscilloscopes each providing analogue familiarity or digital bandwidths. To learn more, contact us today.

Analog or Digital: Choosing Oscilloscopes

Selecting an oscilloscope online often proves daunting, with users overwhelmed by many available options. To simplify the process, Leda Electronics highlights the value of analogue and digital devices.

Analog Oscilloscopes

Boasting an easy-to-use scope and sterling CRT capabilities, analogue options prove ideal for those utilising low-speed signals. They’re, traditionally, more cost-effective.

Digital Oscilloscopes

Delivering exceptional bandwidths and enhanced interfaces, digital options are intended for high-capacity environments. Due to their customisation elements (including sampling rates or memory depths), they’re often more expensive.

By recognising which oscilloscopes best caters to their needs, our clients can then feel confident with every purchase. We offer variety to ensure premium results.

Choosing Oscilloscopes Online: Our Selection

To provide our clients with the capacities they need, Leda Electronics offers a series of digital and analogue options – each from respected brands, such as:

  • Tektronix
  • Yokogawa
  • Prova
  • … and more.

These options – which pair with DQA systems and logic analysers – promise superior measurements.

Request a Demonstration

The Leda Electronics team recognises the difficulties in choosing oscilloscopes. This is why we offer production demonstrations, ensuring that our clients fully understand the capabilities of each device. This promotes confidence with every purchase.

Contact us today to make a request.

Discover Australia’s Largest Wholesale Oscilloscope Selection: Choose Digital and Analog Options From LEDA Electronics

To provide our clients with the products they seek, LEDA Electronics caters to both analog and digital needs. To learn more about our ever-expanding inventory contact us today:

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