LEDA Electronics is one of the biggest suppliers of multimeters in Australia, featuring the entire product range of FlirExtechHT Instruments, Tenmars, Yokogawa and Reed, as well as many other manufacturers’ products at very competitive prices. At LEDA, we source the best manufacturers through our professional staff. We can advise you on all of your multimeter needs, whether you are a professional in the industrial, electrical, construction or HVAC industries.

Our goal is provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while helping you save money and get your jobs done faster. We ship across Australia and source the majority of our catalogue and multimeters in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Affordable Multimeter Prices In Australia

LEDA’s list of multimeters is too long to list in its entirety. We offer a variety of makes and models for virtually every application. From Extech alone we offer automotive, bench, insulation, logging, maintenance/field, process, rugged and wireless multimeters. Our Extech line is comprehensive and we offer local availability of our multimeters in Australia, Extech multimeters are among the most popular and reliable on the market.

All of LEDA’s products, regardless of manufacturer, are sourced through official channels and come with full local warranties. We pride ourselves on our service, customer satisfaction and product offerings. When you talk to LEDA you know you are talking to someone who understands your needs and who has direct industry experience. Our senior staff alone brings over 50 years of direct experience in Test & Measurement.. As LEDA is the largest Australian owned test equipment wholesaler in West Australia, we can help you find the right products at the right price.

LEDA: The Right Equipment At The Right Prices

Our Ht Italia line of multimeters is just as impressive as our Extech offerings, but with a few different applications available. Leda Electronics carries an extensive range of digital multimeters, as well as complete lines of industrial, pocket, compact, full size, precision, general purpose and pen-style multimeters. As with our multimeters, we offer local availability for our multimeters in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and can provide them throughout Australia. Where some of our smaller lines of multimeters lack in variety, they make up for in quality. These include our Prova meters, with multiple models available in the clamp-on, digital, ground resistant, leakage and micro categories of multimeters. We also carry Tenmars multimeters, including their popular general-purpose models as well as their line of True-Rms and pen-type multimeters.

We haven’t even talked about our Reed multimeters or the dozens of models available. We have a meter for every application in all of the toughest industries, from electrical and industrial to construction and HVAC. Since 1986, LEDA ELECTRONICS has been Australia’s source for test and measuring equipment from the world’s best manufacturers. We strive to bring you the highest quality products at substantial cost savings. We understand the people we serve. We know budgets can get cut and workloads continue to increase. This is why we made it our duty to offer affordable prices on the best test and measuring equipment and multimeters throughout Australia.

If you would like more information regarding multimeters, simply call us on (08) 9248 6688 or  email [email protected]