Before 1977, technicians relied on needle-based multimeters –  trying to gauge voltage, resistance and currents through a series of imprecise readings. Inaccuracy shaped the market, and detecting arcs proved difficult.

Now, however, LEDA Electronics can deliver effective (and efficient) results to every electrician and utility expert – offering digital multimeters anywhere in Australia. We connect our clients to the world’s leading brands, and we offer custom solutions for every diagnostic need. To learn more about our services, or to schedule a product demonstration, contact us today.

LEDA Electronics: About Us

Established in 1986, Leda Electronics serves as the leading provider of multimeters in Australia. Our dedicated team – which collectively boasts more than 100 years of experience – strives to provide each client with exceptional service, support, and specialisation. We are the largest wholesaler of testing equipment and emphasise measurement strategies for all electric contractors.

These strategies include the selection of multimeters, we assess each client’s needs, helping them select the right instrument to complete each task (as well as adhere to all DC and AC standards).

Choosing Multimeters: Our Selection

To ensure the safety of every work environment, Leda Electronics delivers premium multimeters – enabling our clients to choose from a variety of capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle measurement options. These include:

Digital Multimeter.
AC.DC Multimeter.
AC/DC Multimeter (With Temperature).


Multimeter LAN Cable Tester.
Continuity Multimeter.
Pocket Multimeter (With Phase Rotation Tester).


Processing Multimeter.
Digital Multimeter.
Process Multimeter Calibrator.

We maintain an inventory of quality multimeters in Brisbane, each formulated to CAT III or CAT IV transient standards. To request a demonstration, contact us today.

Choosing Multimeters: Maximising Each Investment

As the premier provider of multimeters in Australia, Leda Electronics recognises that each client is unique. This is why we utilise our extensive experience to create custom solutions for every technician, advising on measurement options, industry regulations, and more. We understand that finding the right tool is essential – and we ensure that each sales experience proves satisfying.

Trust our knowledgeable staff to answer all questions, concerns, and enquiries. They promote quality results for every customer.

Discover Australia’s Largest Wholesale Collection of Multimeters. Contact LEDA Electronics Today.

The multimeter industry has changed – and Leda Electronics has changed with it, keeping pace with every digital innovation to provide our clients with the results they deserve. We promote effective testing in Australia. To learn more about our products (or to schedule an appointment with our team) contact us today. Our team will gladly offer suggestions, spec descriptions, and more.

Feel free to call us on 61 8 9248 6688 or send us an email to [email protected]