The thermal imager has transformed a number of industries as a non-contact temperature measurement device. It can detect the infrared energy that is emitted, transmitted, or reflected by any material at all temperatures above absolute zero. The device converts the energy being transmitted into a temperature reading which is necessary for utility companies to located power lines, building construction technicians to identify heat leaks, and much more.

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Choosing a Thermal Imager for Your Perth Company

A thermal imager is a very intricate device and there are a variety of components that will determine its quality. The two factors that play the most important role in the success of a thermal imager are detector resolution and thermal sensitivity. Detector resolution is similar to the resolution quality of a digital camera. Higher resolutions will produce clearer images. Thermal sensitivity is related to how well a device can distinguish very small temperature differences. A thermal imager for your utility company may need a thermal sensitivity of 0.01 degrees, meaning the imager can distinguish between two surfaces that differ by just five-hundredths of a degree.

Our staff at Leda Electronics Pty Ltd can work with you to determine your needs when it comes to thermal imaging devices. Most applications for thermal imagers are not unique. Based on our experience, we can advise you on the best solutions for your particular application.

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