Yokogawa 30031A 1mA/60A Leakage Current Clamp-On Meters


The Yokogawa 30031A AC leakage clamp-on tester can measure leakage currents of 1 mA. This can be useful for checking the insulation of low-voltage circuits and electrical components.

The Yokogawa 30031A leakage clamp-on tester can also measure a broad range of currents from leakage currents (at a resolution of 0.001 mA) to load currents up to 60 A. Typical influence (on the current value of an adjacent cable) from an external magnetic field is 0.0005%. Designed to withstand more than 50,000 opening/closing events, the Yokogawa 30031A leakage clamp-on tester is very durable.

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