Time Electronics 1017 Voltage/Current/Resistance Calibrator

The Time Electronics 1017 is a high performance portable multifunction calibrator with voltage, current, and resistance ranges. The Model 1017 combines precision with simple operation, making it suitable for use in the workshop or field. Constructed in a compact and durable plastic case with a tilt stand/carry handle it takes up minimal bench space and is easily transportable.


  • DC Volts 10nV to 100V
  • DC Current 100nA to 100mA
  • Resistance 10mΩ to 10kΩ
  • 0.005% (50ppm) accuracy
  • 1 ppm setting resolution
  • Noise <2ppm (0.1 to 1Hz)
  • Stability <5ppm/day, <25ppm/yr

    Time Electronics 1017 Datasheet

    Time Electronics 1017 User Manual

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