Rohde & Schwarz HMF2525 Arbitrary Function Generator – 25 MHz

The Rohde & Schwarz HMF2525 Arbitrary Function Generator is a 25 MHz precision Arbitrary Signal Generator for research and development laboratories, industry, universities, test and production facilities.

The R&S HMF2525  function/arbitrary waveform generator combines the ability to produce nearly any conceivable arbitrary waveform with accuracy and precision. Arbitrary waveforms have 14-bit amplitude resolution, 250 MSa/s sample rate and up to 256 kPts length.

Extensive features such as internal or external FM, PM, PWM, FSK modulation make this generator suitable for a wide range of applications including electronic design, sensor simulation and functional test.

    R&S HMF2525 Datasheet

    R&S HMF2525 User Manual

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