Kyoritsu 6315 Power Quality Meter

The Kyoritsu 6315 Power Analyzer Measures voltage swells/dips/interruptions/transients and inrush currents that may indicate a weak power distribution system. Such phenomena may damage or reset devices. KEW 6315 can catch swells/dips/interruptions and inrush currents based on half cycle (10 ms @ 50Hz or 8.3ms @ 60Hz) TRMS.

All necessary data is displayed by pressing one key. The Kyoritsu 6315 can safely measure currents of up to 3000A. As well as the performance analysis, the Kyoritsu 6315 can execute a complete network analysis. The Power Analyzer also measures the phase angle, harmonics, apparent power, active power, & work.


  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Measurement of voltage and current
  • Up to 3000 A
  • Long recording duration > 1 year
  • Frequency measurement up to 40 Hz … 70 Hz
  • Memory of up to 2 GB
  • USB and Bluetooth interface


    Kyoritsu-6315-User Manual

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