HT Italia VEGA78 Power Quality and Energy Consumption Analyzer

HT Italia

The VEGA78 carries out analysis and tests on single-phase and three-phase electrical systems with and without neutral. The instrument displays real-time values of all fundamental electrical qualities (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, etc.), showing the waveforms of voltages and currents.

VEGA78 is used for testing and analyzing the quality of the electric services provided by the Electric Power Supplier, for analysing single and three-phase electric users (found in offices and industries), when diagnosing the reordered voltage anomalies.

The instrument can also evaluate the harmonic content introduced by non-linear loads such as computers, TV sets, controlled electric motors etc., which can cause RCD’s tripping or a neutral overheating. The VEGA78 is supplied with PC management software, which further expands the analysis possibilities of the data acquired.

The VEGA78 comes with four HTFLEX33E Flexible 3000A clamps (174mm diameter)


pdf-6PQA Overview

logopdf (2)VEGA 78 Data Sheet


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