HT Italia HT2055 Step and Contact Meter up to 50A

HT Italia

HT Italia HT2055 consists in a power unit and a voltmetric unit, necessary for carrying out step and contact voltage measurements in industrial electric installations typical of AT and AAT (TN systems, transformer cabinets) with a rated test current up to 50A.

The two units, synchronized in time and current are capable of providing the correct value of step and contact voltages consistently with the real current values measured by the power unit, also taking into consideration the disturbance effects found on the measured circuit. It is also capable of measuring earth resistance and ground resistivity by the classical voltammetric method. These measurements can be saved in the internal memory of the voltmetric unit and downloaded onto the PC through the provided Windows software.

pdf-6 HT2055 Brochure

pdf-6 HT2055 Datasheet

pdf-6 HT2055 User Manual

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