HT Italia Combi 420 Multifunction Installation Tester


The HT Italia Combi 420 is an innovative meter designed to perform all safety testing and  verification of electrical installations in compliance to VDE0100 and BS7671 Standards. Measure and save results of environmental parameters (luminance, temperature), leakage currents and active power, harmonics, power factor measurements on single-phase systems.

The use of a special remote probe is particularly useful as is the AUTO internal function when performing sequential measurements of Global Earth Resistance. A contextual ‘help’ selectable by user is available for each meter range function. The model can also save each test result inside memory and can transfer saved data to a PC through an optical/USB interface with dedicated Windows software. Each measurement is saved with all  sub-results including test parameters with up to two ID locators (selectable by user on meter) in order to reach the exact point where the measurement was performed.


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