Fluke 568 Infrared/Contact Thermometer (-40 to 800 °C)

The Fluke 568 infrared/contact thermometer offers a broad range of measure from -40 to 1472°F.

Fluke 568 infrared/contact thermometers allow measurement of smaller objects from further away, with a distance-to-spot ratio of 50:1.

The 568 infrared/contact thermometers is compatible with all standard mini-connector K-type thermocouples, which allows you to preserve your thermocouple investments.

The Fluke 568 infrared/contact thermometer adjustable emissivity feature, including a built-in material table, makes it possible to measure a wide variety of surfaces. The 99 point data storage allows for easy data recall and download. By attaching your laptop via the USB cable, you can experience “Hands-free” and immediate data logging.

    Fluke 566 & 568 Datasheet

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