FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera


Quickly find and troubleshoot temperature-related issues and solve problems fast.

Built with a FLIR’s revolutionary Lepton thermal camera core, the TG130 allows people to:

  • Find heat loss around doors, floors, walls, pipes, or windows.
  • Expose spots where insulation is missing, and show drafts where cold air enters the house.
  • Identify the source of water leaks or find rodent nests behind walls (yikes!).
  • Save time and money on troubleshooting HVAC performance, electrical issues affecting home appliances, and use the TG130 to ensure that food is stored and served at a safe temperature.

The FLIR TG130 spot thermal camera is an entry-level camera for a broad spectrum of home and small business applications. By simply pointing the TG130 at an object, anyone can identify energy and temperature-related issues within and around a structure. From finding drafts, detecting heat loss around doors and windows, or locating areas of missing insulation, the TG130 pinpoints problems and helps users increase a home’s energy efficiency.

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