FLIR DM92-VP52 Multimeter Combo Kit

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The FLIR DM83-VP52 Combo Kit consists of:
  • Flir DM92 Digital Multimeter – CAT IV-1000V
  • Flir VP52 Non Contact Voltage Detector – Cat IV-1000V
  • TA80 Red/Black Silicone Test Leads
  • TA 70 Red/Black Insulate Alligator Clips – CATIV-1000V
  • TA60 Thermocouple Probe and 2 Pin to Banana Adaptor
  • TA50  Magnetic Hanging Kit
  • Protective Soft Case
  • User Manual & CD

Similar to the Fluke 179/1AC combo kit that is no longer available.

Authorised Australian Distributor

PDF Logo    FLIR DM92 Datasheet

PDF Logo    FLIR DM92 User Manual

PDF Logo    FLIR VP52 User Manual

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