FLIR DM284 / TA72 Infrared Imaging Multimeter Combo Kit

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The Flir DM284/TA72 Combo Kit combines the All-in-one “Full Function” DM284 TRMS Digital Multimeter and Thermal Imager with the TA72 Flexible Current Clamp. With The DM284’s 160 x 120 FLIR Thermal Imager and the Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM™) technology and the TA72’s ability to measure up to 3000A this kit enables the Industrial Electrician to solve complex electrical issues quickly & safely

This Combo Kit is also available as the FLIR DM284/TA74 with the FLIR TA72 changed for the FLIR TA74 with it’s larger 45cm coil length.

Authorised Australian Distributor

PDF Logo    FLIR DM284 Datasheet

PDF Logo    FLIR TA72/TA74 Datasheet

PDF Logo    FLIR TA72/TA74 User Manual

PDF Logo    FLIR TA10-F Datasheet

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