A number of industries require testing equipment such as a power analyser as part of their everyday operations. At LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd, we provide a wide range of quality testing instruments at competitive prices to utilities, mining companies, and many more. A simple power analyser for your Brisbane electrical utility is among the many different products that we stock. With 30 years in the industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a most outstanding experience, including prompt delivery to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Why Buy a Power Analyser Online at LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd

A power analyser is used in a number of industries to measure the precise amount of direct current, alternating current, AC or DC voltage, the intensity of the current, phase rotation and idle, and apparent and effective power. It is a device that electricians and those who work for utility companies must have on hand at all times. Those who use power analysers understand the need for quality.

At LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd, we understand that importance as well. That’s why we stock and offer a wide selection of the best brand name power analysers on the market. Someone needing a power analyser in Melbourne can visit our website and find brand names such as ExtechHT Italia, Prova, and Yokogawa. We have the entire range of products from these manufacturers to ensure that we have testing equipment that suits all of our customers’ needs.

Unparalleled Knowledge and Service

When you choose to deal with us at LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd, you are choosing to work with a company that has been in the industry since 1986. We have been providing the best testing equipment to our customers at substantial savings for almost two decades. You can count on our staff for its knowledge of general purpose, calibration, and RF testing and measuring equipment. We continue to focus on customer oriented solutions to provide you with the testing devices that you need. The members of our senior staff have over 100 years of combined hands-on experience in the industry and are ready to provide you with the service and support that you need when searching for items like a power analyser.

When you talk to us at LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd, you should know that you are speaking with a staff member who will take the time to understand your needs. Staff members will offer you advice based upon their in-depth understanding of the testing and measurement equipment market. We are a company that is focused solely on testing and measurement equipment and consider ourselves leaders in the field.

As the largest Australian-owned testing equipment wholesaler, we take a great deal of pride in the service we provide including prompt shipping. If you are an electrical utility company and need a power analyser quickly, you can expect your order to be shipped promptly and delivered quickly.

For competitive pricing on the widest range of quality testing equipment, call us directly on (08) 9248 6688 or request more information via email at [email protected]