There are many major industries in which the anemometer plays a critical role. Equipping yourself with the ability to measure weather conditions such as wind speed, air flow, and air temperature in an instant is helpful not only for those in fields such as aviation but also in HVAC maintenance. Without an anemometer you can trust, obtaining those accurate measurements can be much more difficult. Whether measuring airflow to determine how to service an air conditioning unit or figuring out whether it’s a good day to go flying, Leda Electronics Pty Ltd can assist individuals and companies in finding the perfect anemometer online.

When you contact us at LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd, you are not speaking to a company that simply sells products without any sense of what they do. Our staff are knowledgeable in the field of test and measurement equipment and are eager to help you find the perfect device for the applications you have in mind. From an anemometer that can sense minute changes in wind speed to devices that have built-in logging capabilities, finding the equipment you need is simple through our website.

Making It Easy to Find the Right Anemometer

Using a hand-held anemometer is a quick and easy way to get a sense of the strength of an HVAC’s system air flow. It can also log weather measurements over time, giving you a sense of the day’s wind patterns if you are a pilot. These units often come equipped with a vane mounted on or inside of the frame, through which air passes for measurement. Some have hand-held vanes. Other units have specialised probes that can make taking fine measurements easy. LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd sells anemometers that require only one hand to operate, freeing your other hand for other tasks. Some models can even measure relative humidity and the volume of air being passed through the sensors. These are valuable tools for any HVAC technician looking to gauge the strength of a system and troubleshoot any issues.

Experience and Expertise Customers Can Trust

Regardless of the reason you need to purchase an anemometer for your operations, LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd and our experienced team can assist you in finding the unit that is perfect for what you need to accomplish. As the largest Australian-owned test equipment wholesaler in the country, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our experience in helping you locate the right products. With helpful, friendly staff and competitive pricing, we hope to be the company you turn to each time you need a new anemometer in.

LEDA Electronics Pty Ltd prides itself on offering excellent service and prompt delivery of all items ordered.
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