Wavecom WCM-RCD Digital RCD Tester


The WCM-RCD is a microprocessor based Residual Current Device Tester or an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Tester that meets today’s standards of safety and performance.

The WCM-RCD unit is a very high quality instrument used by professionals to obtain accurate values of protection time whilst a selectable fault current is injected to the earth. RCD trip time can also be easily measured at the power outlet.

It tests all conventional RCD safety switches in electrical installations and extension leads.

PDF    WCM-RCD Data Sheet



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The Wavecom WCM-RCD is a well specified RCD tester featuring trip time and trip current testing.

Wavecom WCM-RCD Features:

  • Measures Trip Time
  • Ramp Current Test
  • Display (LCD)
  • Programmable test settings
  • Trip time display
  • 1ms time resolution
  • Delay RCD function
  • 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, 500mA, 650mA trip settings
  • Mains operatedSwitchable from 0 – 180° Degrees
  • Checks for wiring faults

Wavecom WCM-RCD Applications: Performing trip time tests on RCD’s as required by electrical regulation and as detailed in the AS/NZS3760:2010.

Included accessories: Power lead, RCD tester, Batteries, switchboard test lead, IEC lead.

Standard warranty 1 Year

Do not use the appliance on mains voltages greater than 240VAC. Please inspect the appliance before use. Do not use the appliance if it is damaged in any way. If a 400V icon is displayed, disconnect the appliance immediately and get a qualified electrician check the electrical installation. This device is designed to trip residual current devices. Once the RCD is tripped there will be no power on the supply circuit. Before using the appliance, you must check that tripping the RCD to the power system will not disrupt any people from working or damage equipment (medical, computers, industrial plant, etc.). This device contains no user serviceable parts and should be returned to the place of purchase for repair.