Time Electronics 5030 Electrical Tester Calibrator

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The Time Electronics 5030 is a precision instrument designed to calibrate RCD, loop, insulation, earth testers and multifunction installation testers. The 5030 accurately simulates RCD trip times and measures currents produced by RCD testers. It replicates loop impedance and auto adjusts for local line impedance. It also provides insulation resistances and measures test voltages and currents.


  • RCD: 3 – 2500mA, 10 – 2000ms
  • Loop 50mΩ to 1.8kΩ
  • Insulation up to 2GΩ / 1kV
  • Continuity 0.1Ω to 10kΩ
  • RS-232 / USB Control
  • Fast and intuitive user interface
  • EasyCal software compatible

pdf-6    5030 Datasheet

pdf-6    Easycal Software Brochure

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Time Electronics 5030 Electrical Tester Calibrator

Simple Operation and Automated Calibration
User control is via the central navigation keypad. Scrolling though menus and settings is intuitive and easy, with measurements and settings shown on the large clear LCD display. Alternatively connect the 5030 to a PC/laptop (via RS232 or USB) installed with Time Electronics’ EasyCal software and automate the calibration process. Increase speed of calibration and consistency of results. Easily produce calibration certificates and reports to ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and other international quality standards.

Regional Test Sockets and Fault Detection
For loop and RCD tests the electrical tester (device under test) connects directly to the dedicated front panel mains socket. The 5030 can be fitted with a number of regional type sockets (specified on order). In these test conditions, if the device under test is faulty, the 5030 auto detects the fault, disconnects the output and warns the user. The 5030 is designed not to trip any RCDs on the local supply.

Loop Impedance with Auto Local Loop Measurement
With 10 measurement points the Time Electronics 5030 Electrical Tester Calibrator covers a wide range of loop testers. The precision resistors that make up the loop calibration function are high power and capable of withstanding up to 30A. An accurate automatic measurement of the local loop is made by the 5030 and added to the resistor value to give the loop impedance value, allowing for precise loop impedance calibration.

Precise RCD Trip Times
RCD trips can be simulated from 10 to 2000ms in duration. The trip time can be set to predefined values for quick selection, or to a user time via the front panel.

RCD Current Measurements
Current measurement is made of the applied RCD test current. Current measurements are true RMS for AC, half wave rectified as well as being able to measure DC tests. The ranges covered are from 6mA to 1000mA, with multipliers of x0.5, x1, x2, and x5 up to a maximum of 2500mA. To avoid false current measurements the 5030 incorporates a ‘pre-test delay’ setting. This feature is for use with RCD testers that produce a pre-test signal. A test current threshold setting (0 to 100% of nominal current) is also user selectable.

Insulation Resistance and Test Voltage Measurement
The Time Electronics 5030 Electrical Tester Calibrator tests the functions of megohm meters using precision high value resistors up to 2GΩ. Resistance value can be set via front panel or via remote control to allow many test points to be automated. Voltage measurement functions allow accurate test voltages up to 1kV to be measured whilst under 0.5mA or 1mA test conditions.

Continuity and Earth Resistance 
The 5030 precision low ohm resistors allow calibration of continuity functions found on most multifunction testers and insulation testers. Applied test voltages and currents are also measured.

Mains Voltage and Frequency
The local mains supply voltage and frequency is precisely measured by the 5030. This is used to cross reference the voltage reading on the unit under test and confirm the instruments accuracy.

Time Electronics 5030 Electrical Tester Calibrator Specifications:

Function Range / Values Resolution Accuracy
Loop Impedance
Resistor Values
1800, 330.0, 180.0, 33.00, 18.00, 3.300,
1.800, 0.330, 0.150 and 0.050Ω
4 digit ±0.5% of displayed value ± 30mΩ
Local Loop Compensation 0 to 9.999Ω 0.001Ω ±0.5% of value ± 30mΩ
Test Current 30A max (200ms) / 50W max
Function Range / Values Resolution Accuracy
Trip Time 10 to 2000ms 1ms ±0.5ms
Current 6.000, 10.00, 30.00, 100.0, 300.0, 500.0, 1000mA 4 digit ±0.5% of reading. ±1% with x5 multiplier
Current Multipliers x0.5, x1, x2, x5
Maximum Current 2500mA
Waveforms AC, DC, half wave rectified
Phase Detection 0° or 180°
Pre Trigger Delay 0 to 2000ms 10ms
Pre Trigger Threshold 0 to 100% of nominal current 1%
Function Range / Values Resolution Accuracy
Resistance 1MΩ to 2000MΩ
50kΩ to 1990kΩ
1% of value
1% of value
Test Voltage Measurement
@ 0.5mA or 1.0mA Load
50.0 to 99.9V DC
100 to 1200V DC
1% of reading
1% of reading
Function Range / Values Resolution Accuracy
Resistance 0.1Ω to 100.0Ω
250Ω, 500Ω, 1.00kΩ, 2.50kΩ, 5.00kΩ & 10.0kΩ
3 digit
1% of value + 20mΩ
1% of value
Test Voltage Measurement
(input resistance 10MΩ)
0.0 to 50.0V DC 0.01V 0.5% of range
Test Current Measurement
(between 1Ω and 2Ω)
0 to 400mA DC 0.1mA 0.5% of range
Power Dissipation 1 watt maximum
Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Line Voltage Measurement 200.0 to 260.0V RMS 0.01V 0.5% of reading
Line Frequency Measurement 45.00 to 65.00Hz 0.01Hz 0.1% of reading

General Specifications:

Warm up 30 minutes to full accuracy
Settling Time Less than 5 seconds
Standard Interfaces RS-232 and USB
Temp Performance Operating: 10 to 35°C, Full Spec: 23°C ±5°C, Storage: -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity < 80% non condensing
Operating Altitude 0 to 3km. Non operating: 3km to 12km
Line Power 220 – 240V AC 50Hz. Power Consumption 200W max
Dimensions W430mm x H155mm x D255mm
Weight 8kg
Country of Origin UK
Supplied With User manual, RS-232 cable, USB adaptor/cable