Tenmars YF-509 Insulation Tester

Tenmars YF-509 Features:
  • CAT III 1000V
  • 3½ digits LCD display, max. reading of 2000.
  • Measures high insulation resistance: 0.1M~2000M Ohm.
  • Measure up to DC Voltage:1000V, AC Voltage:750V
  • Manual range up to 1000V, 2000M Ohm.


  • 3½ digits LCD display with max.Reading of 2000 .
  • Overload indication.
  • Low battery indication.


  • Measures high insulation resistance manual range: 0.1MΩ to 2000MΩ
    250V: 0.1MΩ to 200MΩ.
    500V: 0.1MΩ to 200MΩ.
    1000V: 1MΩ to 2000MΩ.
  • Measures AC 0 to 750V and DC voltages 0V to 1000V.
  • Function Keys: Data Hold, Max.
  • Continuity Test.

Authorised Australian Distributor


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DC Voltage Measurement
Range Resolution Accuracy Input Impedance Overload Protection
0V to 1000V 1V ±(0.5% of rdg + 1dgt) 10MΩ DC 1000 AC 750Vrms
AC Voltage Measurement
Range Resolution Accuracy Input Impedance Overload Protection
0V to 750V 1V ±(0.8% of rdg + 4dgt) 10MΩ DC 1000 AC 750Vrms
Insulation Resistance
Resistance Range Resolution Accuracy Voltage Short Circuit Current
200 Megohms 0.1 Megohms ±(3% of rdg + 3dgt) 250 Volts 0.4mA max.
200 Megohms 0.1 Megohms ±(3% of rdg + 3dgt) 500 Volts 0.9mA max.
2000 Megohms 1 Megohm ±(3% of rdg + 5dgt) 1000 Volts 1.7mA max.
General Specifications
Dimensions 160mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 52mm (D)
Weight approx. 480g (including battery)
Ordering Information
Model Name Description
Tenmars YF-509 Insulation Tester Included accessories: Battery, and Owner’s manual

BATTERY REPLACEMENT The meter is powered by 1.5V battery x8pcs (NEDA 15F IEC R6 JIS UM-3). use the fowling procedure to replace the battery: (1) Move the function switch to the “OFF” position. (2) Use a screw driver to unfasten the screws on the battery cover and remove the cover. (3) Take out the old batteries and replace with new batteries, taking care to note the correct polarity. (4) Re-install the battery cover and tighten the holding screws.

Weight 1 kg