HT ITALIA HT322 Digital Multimeter with Temperature Measurement CAT IV

HT Italia

The meter performs basic Voltage AC and DC measurements up to 600V, plus resistance, continuity and diode tests as sub-features.

With the added option of temperature measurements °C/°F using optional external type K probes.
 DC Voltage
 AC Voltage
 Resistance
 Continuity test with buzzer
 Diode test
 Temperature with type K probes
 MAX function
 HOLD function
 Manual Range function
 Auto Power OFF
4413-2 : Test leads
B80 : Soft Carrying Case
User manual


HT 8000 Data Sheet HT 322 DMM Data Sheet

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The HT Italia HT322 model is one of meter of last family 320, which include also model HT321, HT326 and HT327, designed on safety measure category CAT IV 600V. The meter performs basically Voltage AC and DC measures up to 600V and resistance, test continuity and diode test as sub-features, more than temperature measurements °C/°F with external type K probes. HT322 is in compliance to EN 61010-1 safety standard with double insulation protection. HT322 meter have a large LCD display and each measurement function can be selected with a rotative selector at 6 positions. Other features are MAX measurement, HOLD function and manual range selection. An AutoPowerOff function is integrated to preserve the internal battery after 15 minutes of idle.


General Specifications               Full Scale
DC Voltage Range 200.0mV – 600V
AC Voltage Range 200.0mV – 600V
Resistance Range 200.0Ω – 20.00MΩ
Operating temperature -5°C to 40°C, <80%HR
Storage temperature -10°C to 60°C, <70%HR
Power supply 2 x 1.5V alkaline batteries type AAA MN2400 LR03 AM4
Sizes 163(L)x88(W)x48(H) mm
Weight (included batteries) 280g


This meter is compliance with safety Standard IEC/EN61010-1 related to electronic measuring instruments. For your own safety and to avoid damaging the instrument follow the procedures described in this instruction manual and read carefully all notes preceded by this symbol .

When taking measurements:

  • Avoid doing that in humid or wet places. 
  • Avoid doing that in rooms where explosive gas, combustible gas, steam or excessive dust is present. 
  • Keep you insulated from the object under test. 
  • Do not touch exposed metal parts such as test lead ends, sockets, fixing objects, circuits etc. 
  • Avoid doing that if you notice anomalous conditions such as breakages, deformations, fractures, leakages of battery liquid, blind display etc. 
  • Be particularly careful when measuring voltages exceeding 20V to avoid risks of electrical shocks.