HT Instruments HA000951 Line Separator – Splitter

The HT Instruments HA000951 Line Splitter is a special accessory for clamp meters which allows you to conveniently measure current without destroying the insulation part of an equipment’s power cable.  It can also be used to safely measure the line voltage being supplied to the equipment with a digital multimeter via its safety shrouded banana sockets. It’s a “must have” tool for anyone involved in electrical testing.

The LINESPLITTER was designed by HT to carry out splitting among active Phase, Neutral and PE conductors on single-phase installations powered by 2- or 3-pole cord cables.

You will be able to take immediate measurements of current by means of a clamp meter, which would be otherwise impossible without stripping the cable to get access to individual conductors, and line voltage with a DMM’s probes in the voltage test points ,

Supplied with Australian plug and socket.

    HT Splitter datasheet

    HT Splitter User Manual


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HT Instruments HA000951 Line Separator

The HT Line Separator splits the Active (Line) from the neutral and ground wires on a standard 240VAC outlet allowing current measurements to be made with a current clamp. Without the Line Splitter, the current clamp measures the load current going in both directions, effectively cancelling the measurement.

The HT Line Splitter has a standard measurement section and a x10 multiplier section for use with higher ranged clamp meters.

The HT Instruments HA000951 Line Splitter can also be used to make voltage checks safely with standard multimeter probes.

HT Instruments HA000951 Line Splitter – Separator

HT Instruments HA000951 Line Separator Functions:

Conductor splitting without cable stripping!

  • Measure Mains voltages safely via shrouded banana sockets
  • Leakage current on earth conductor
  • Measurement of leakage current under RCD mode (Line-Neutral)
  • Line current
  • 10X magnified Line current