EXTECH PRC15 Current and Voltage Calibrator / Meter

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Precision Current & Voltage Source/Measure Calibrator


  • 0 to 24mA (-25 to 125%) readout
  • 0 to 20V DC calibration source
  • Up to five user adjustable calibration presets
  • Palm-sized double molded housing and large dot-matrix digital backlit LCD
  • Standard banana I/O ports
  • Large battery bank for extended work cycle
  • External power adapter for continuous work cycle
  • Includes test leads, alligator clips, 100V-240V AC universal adaptor with 4 plugs, six AA batteries, and hard carrying case.

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CE   1 Year

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EXTECH PRC15 Product Description

Precision “source” for calibrating process devices. Applications include: • Process devices calibration and simulation – Transducers – Transmitters – Indicators – Controllers – Recorders • Field test and service • Bench research/development

Tilt Stand / Hanger

The rear stand is provides two methods for convenience in viewing.

  1. Pull the bottom portion of the stand out to place the unit on a flat surface for viewing.
  2. Pull the bottom and top portions of the stand out, and then rotate the stand to allow the unit to be hung.

Battery Replacement When the battery icon appears on the display, the six AA batteries must be replaced. The battery compartment is located on the rear of the meter.

  1. Open the tilt stand, loosen the captive Philips head screw and remove the battery cover.
  2. Remove and replace the batteries, observing polarity.
  3. Replace and secure the battery cover.

Extech PRC15 Specifications

General Specifications
Source: Output 0 to 24mA current for loads up to 1000 ohms (-25% to 125%); Output 0 to 20V
Measure: 0 to 50mA current signal (-25 to 230%); 0 to 19.99V
Power/Measure: Provides power (24VDC) to loop & measures current
Input/Output: Ranges and Displays Resolution
0 to 19.99mA 0.01mA
0 to 24.0mA 0.1mA
0 to 1999mV 1mV
0 to 20.00V 10mV
Accuracy: 0.01% ±1 digit
Meter Dims (LxWxH): 159 x 80 x 44mm
Meter Weight: 232g – not including battery weight

Safety Notes 

  • Do not exceed the maximum allowable input range. 
  • Turn the unit OFF when the device is not in use. 
  • Remove the batteries if the device is to be stored for longer than 60 days. 
  • Never dispose of batteries in a fire. Batteries may explode or leak. 
  • Never mix battery types. Always install new batteries of the same type.


  • Improper use of this meter can cause damage, shock, injury or death. Read and understand this user manual before operating the meter. 
  • Always remove the test leads before replacing the battery. 
  • Inspect the condition of the test leads and the meter itself for any damage before operating the meter. Repair or replace any damage before use. 
  • If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired