EXTECH MG302 13 Function Wireless True RMS MultiMeter/Insulation Tester


MultiMeter/1000V Insulation Tester with Wireless PC interface (433MHz)

Combines a 1000V Insulation Tester With a full-featured True RMS MultiMeter in a single, compact instrument


  • Wireless USB interface transmits measurement data to a PC
  • Backlit super large triple display
  • 125V, 250V, 500V, and 1000V test voltages
  • Insulation Resistance from 0.001MOhm to 4000MOhm
  • Auto discharge of capacitive voltage
  • Lock Power On Function for hands-free operation
  • Data Hold, Min/Max, Relative mode, Auto power off
  • Complete with USB receiver, Windows® software, test leads & alligator clips, bead wire temperature probe, carrying case and batteries

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   FCC   IP67   CAT IV   1 Year

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EXTECH  MG302 13 Function Wireless True RMS MultiMeter/Insulation Tester

Designed for users outside of North America because of its 433 MHz wireless transmitter frequency, the Extech MG302 is a true RMS multimeter with built-in insulation resistance tester with the added safety of wireless data streaming for remote monitoring and data recording. By adding insulation testing capabilities to this CAT IV-rated digital multimeter, electrical troubleshooters will always be equipped for insulation testing, helping to make it a more routine part of predictive maintenance with faster troubleshooting and repairs without the need for additional tools.

MG302 Features Overview

The rugged and waterproof (IP67-rated) combination meter includes a digital insulation resistance tester (or megohmmeter) with four different test voltages for measuring resistance up to 4 GΩ with 0.001 MΩ resolution. The full-function, true RMS digital multimeter includes useful extras, like duty cycle measurements and milliamp readings for analog 4-20 mA current loops in industrial analog process controls. The MG302 also has built-in wireless data recording for safer troubleshooting and maintenance on moving equipment, one-person operation of remote safety switches, and the ability to monitor real-time readings on a laptop or computer screen from safe distances — up to 30 feet away — to detect intermittent anomalies.


Insulation testers can be used to test motor, transformer windings, instruments, and appliances, check for moisture in wire and cable assemblies, safely evaluate a new wiring installation, and check for carbon tracking in breakers, relays, and switches. Extech Insulation Testers offer high sensitivity to assure reliable monitoring of low resistance motor windings. Specifications:

Product Type Insulation Testers
Display LCD
DC voltage range 1000 V
DC voltage accuracy ±0.06%
Insulation resistance resolution 0.001 MΩ
Insulation test voltages 125 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V
AC current resolution 0.001 A
Power (6) AA batteries
Dimensions 7.8″ H x 3.6″ W x 1.9″ D
Resistance Measurement 40 MΩ
DC current range 10 A
DC current accuracy ±1.0%
Insulation resistance accuracy ±3%
Resistance Accuracy ±3%
AC voltage resolution 0.1 V
AC voltage range 1000 V
DC voltage resolution 0.1 V
Resistance Resolution 0.0001 MΩ
Weight 1 kg