Extech ETK30 Electrical Test Kit with AC Clamp Meter

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Extech ETK30: Electrical Test Kit with AC Clamp Meter

This special value Electrical Test Kit is assembled to provide all the electrical testing needs for installation and repair of electrical systems and HVAC equipment.

EX205T Features

  • True RMS for better accuracy when measuring distorted waveforms
  • Patented built-in IR Thermometer with laser pointer for locating hot spots with 4:1 Distance to Target Ratio (EX210T model only)
  • 2000 count large backlit dual LCD with easy-to read digits
  • Low current capability with resolution to 0.1μA
  • Max Hold
  • Input fuse protection
  • Auto power off and Data Hold
  • Complete with test leads and 9V battery

MA430 Features

  • Functions include: AC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Diode and Continuity
  • Built-in non-contact Voltage detector with LED alert
  • 1.2″ (30mm) jaw size for conductors up to 350MCM
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Data Hold, Auto Power Off and Low Battery indication

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CE   ETV   CAT III   1 Year

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The Extech ETK30 kit includes a EX205T True RMS Multimeter. The ETK-30 kit also includes a basic 400A AC Clamp Meter, MA430, to take AC Current measurements in tight locations. The clamp meters also have a built-in Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Extech ETK30 Electrical Test Kit consists of:

EX205T: TrueRMS Digital Multimeter with 2000 Count Large LCD Display Autoranging True RMS meters providing a more accurate reading when measuring distorted waveforms. EX210T with built-in IR Thermometer allows for quick non-contact Temperature measurements. This special value Electrical Test Kit is assembled to provide all the electrical testing needs for installation and repair of electrical systems and HVAC equipment.

MA430: 400A AC Clamp Meter + NCV Compact Size AC Clamp Meter with 6 Functions Compact size allows measurements in tight locations and built-in Non-Contact Voltage Detector with LED alert. Three models to choose from: MA430, MA430T and MA435T AC AC/DC models with True RMS option and advanced multimeter functions including Capacitance, Frequency and Temperature.


Specifications EX205T Range (Max Resolution) MA430 Range (Max Resolution)
AC Voltage 600V (0.1mV) True RMS 600V (0.1mV)
DC Voltage 600V (0.1mV) 600V (0.1mV)
AC Current 10.00A (0.1µA) True RMS 400A (0.001A)
DC Current 10.00A (0.1µA)
Resistance 20MΩ (0.1Ω) 20MΩ (0.1Ω)
Continuity / Diode Yes Yes


I Equipment of OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY I is equipment for connection to circuits in which measures are taken to limit the transient over voltages to an appropriate low level.  Note – Examples include protected electronic circuits.

OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY II Equipment of OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY II is energy-consuming equipment to be supplied from the fixed installation.  Note – Examples include household, office, and laboratory appliances.

OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY III Equipment of OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY III is equipment in fixed installations.  Note – Examples include switches in the fixed installation and some equipment for industrial use with permanent connection to the fixed installation.

OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY IV Equipment of OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY IV is for use at the origin of the installation. Note – Examples include electricity meters and primary over-current protection equipment