Extech 42512 Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer

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Fast response 30:1 / 1000°C InfraRed Thermometer with backlit dual LCD display

The Extech 42512 is a 30:1 1000°C Dual Laser IR thermometer. The 42512 IR thermometer features dual lasers for accurate targeting with a fast (0.15s) response time and has a backlit dual LCD display.

Temperature range from -50 to 1000 Degrees Celsius (-58 to 1832°F).

Complete with pouch case and 9V battery.

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pdf-6    Extech 42512 Datasheet

pdf-6    Extech 42512 User Manual

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Extech 42512 Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer Features:

  • Temperature range:  -50 to 1000°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Field of view 30:1
  • Wide temperature range
  • Display of Min./Max values
  • Accurately, and fast temperature measurement
  • Infrared thermometer for professionals
  • Measurement in just 0.5 seconds
  • At 30″ (76.2cm) distance two laser points converge to 1″ target spot
  • 0.10 to 1.00 adjustable emissivity increases measurement accuracy for different surface

The Extech 42512 Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer features a three-button keypad, allowing the user to select the mode required, i.e. max, min, emissivity and configurable high/low alarms. Adjustable emissivity allows the user to measure a variety of surface types.

The Extech 42512 has a clear, easy to read, custom LCD display that features a backlight for when ambient light levels are low. Each unit is housed in a robust IP54 splashproof case to help reduce the possibility of damage in harsh environments and is supplied in a protective ABS carrying case.

To optimize surface temperature accuracy:

  1. Determine the emissivity of the object to adjust the spectrum range of the instrument that can be used for measurement.
  2. Avoid reflection from other sources of temperature by thermally enveloping the object to be measured
  3. For high temperature objects, use smaller wavelength instruments when possible.
  4. For semi-transparent materials such as plastic films and glass, make sure that the bottom surface (behind the object) is uniform and below the temperature of the object.
  5. Hold the instrument perpendicular to the surface of the object when the emissivity is below 0.9.
  6. In all cases, do not exceed the 30 degree angle of incidence.

Extech 42512 Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer Specifications:

Specifications Range
Laser Convergence Distance 30″ (76.2cm)
Range -58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C)
Repeatability ±0.5% or 1.8°F/1°C
Basic Accuracy ±(1% of rdg + 2°F/1°C)
Max resolution 0.1°F/°C
Emissivity 0.10 to 1.00 Adjustable
Field of View (Distance to Target) 30:1
Dimensions 146 x 104 x 43mm
Weight 163g