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Welcome to LEDA Electronics

LEDA Electronics Pty. Ltd has been established as an importer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of quality Test and Measuring Instruments for over twenty years.

Our technically qualified staff collectively have over seventy years of experience in electrical and electronic testing and are well qualified to offer the right advice and applications support for our customers equipment needs.

We provide service and calibration support and have a competent network of sub-distributors throughout Australia. If you have a requirement for Test and Measuring Instruments don’t waste your time and money. Talk to us first and last!

Our product range covers everything from:

Multimeters, Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Signal Sources, Wireless Test Tools, Thermal Imagers, Power quality recorders, Power Station Equipment, Infrared Cameras, Sound Level Meters, Lux Meters, Calibration tools, Calibration Software, Standard Lab Equipment, Clamp-on meters, Air Quality Instruments, Micro-ohmmeters, Ground Resistance testers, Water Quality Meters, Bench Meters, DMM’s, HVAC testers, Temperature and Temperature Standards, Light meters, Hand-Held Equipment, Specialty probes and more

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